Shush30+ Screen Hung Corner Single Workstation


Gerry Brown’s Office Furniture.

Shush30+ Workstation is your offices solution to create large pods of workstations. The Shush 30+ is a component based system enabling us to create any variation to suit your space. Join pods to create as many cubicles as you require for your office set up. Create freestanding cubicles without constructing permanent walls that can be easily moved

Create runs of back to back pods, mix and match heights of screens, colours and sizes to suit your needs. Use corner workstations where a larger workspace is required.

Backed by a 5 year warranty.

Contact us to create your own custom configurations.

Shush30+ Corner Single Cubicle - Screen Hung - White top and Black screen 1500
Shush30+ Screen Hung Corner Single Workstation
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